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Chronic pain navigation without opioids:

Ongoing programming and health coaching supporting better life outcomes for those suffering with chronic pain and increased revenue for clinics using existing CPT codes.

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We believe in a better way of chronic pain management: your pain, managed your way

Making Pain Management Accessible

Using our pain management expertise, we deliver a step-by-step plan to help you address the specific causes and solutions of your pain. Our goal is not just to help you reduce your pain, but also improve your function, and regain your passion for life. Life can be hectic, especially when you’re in pain. PainNavigator is created with your lifestyle in mind. You complete the program at your own pace, at home or on the road. No bulky equipment and no confusing technology. All it takes is fifteen minutes per day.

For Patients

We know that chronic pain does more than just hurt. It impacts your everyday life and mood. We will introduce you to useful daily techniques to help you better manage and life a full life despite your pain.

For Clinics

PainNavigator is a digital therapy platform for private pain clinics, enhancing the patient experience and improving clinic profitability by providing reimbursable services with minimal extra work from your staff.

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Developed by leading pain management experts, PainNavigator’s evidence-based digital programs address all aspects of pain. Our interdisciplinary program includes daily activities that address the physical, psychological, and social impacts of pain on wellbeing. From exercise therapy, and mind-body strengthening to wellness strategies, PainNavigator helps patients take back control of their life.

Wellness Strategies

Yoga & Mindfulness

Medical Education

Exercise Therapy

We believe in non-opioid solutions for pain. Have chronic low back pain? Get started today with our current program!

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